About Us

TARA combines exceptional human talent with a smart platform to build products people love.

Ford and Cisco are turning to an AI company to find the best freelance programmers

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Fix Tech's Diversity Problem?

How much of the hiring process can you automate?
That’s a question that a couple of YC-backed
companies are striving to answer...

Startup Aims to Make Silicon Valley
an Actual Meritocracy

TARA (Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Automation),
automates hiring contractors and project management.

…a few minutes later, you should have been given a
quote for the work and assigned a contractor
pre-screened by Tara for their abilities…

Can AI create a meritocracy?

San Francisco-based TARA, created by Iba Masood
and Syed Ahmed as part of Y Combinator, is a
chatbot designed to help small businesses...